Winter Chicken Coop Maintenance – The Deep Litter Method

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For anyone that owns/raises chickens we all know the struggle and work that goes into cleaning the chicken coop.

Depending on your schedule or the size of your flock usually depends on how often you have to clean your coop.

When I lived in the city we only had three so I would clean the coop at least once a week.

Cleaning out the coop of course is a necessity. But once you get to the winter months that really isn’t the case.

You need to be able to keep your chickens warm and there are more natural ways to do that.

Which also creates less cleaning work for you in those months.

Group of three hens in an open air chicken run

The Deep Litter Method

Of course there are different ways to go about how to do the upkeep on your coop in the winter time, but this is a method I have tried and loved.

Also, with this method it creates natural heat to help keep your chickens warm.

Usually as I said we will clean the coop often.

With the deep litter method what you do is each week you just add new bedding on top of the bedding currently in the coop.

Keep doing this week after week while in the cold winter months.

With the layering of the bedding and their droppings creates natural heat. The more layers that are put on helps more heat to be created.

Yes, the thought of it sounds gross but it is actually a tried and true method to coop keeping in the winter time

What To Do Once Winter Is Over?

Once winter is over you then will clean your chicken coop

With these cleanings you will want to do a full on clean, sort of a full spring cleaning of your coop.

Even spraying down the coop is good to do after the winter is over.

If you compost you can put all of that deep litter bedding right into your compost.

We have done this time after time and let me tell you it can do amazing work with the growth in your garden.

My mother in law doesn’t raise chickens but she has seen the growth of our vegetables before and still raves about it.

Chicken droppings/bedding is a wonderful fertilizing mulch.

Don’t Like The Idea Of The Deep Litter Method?

If the Deep Litter Method does not sound appealing to you, of course there are other options. Everyone has their own preference.

Some even decide to use sand since it can retain heat and it’s easy to scoop like cat litter of droppings.

As I said everyone handles their coop, their own way.

For me with so much going on between kids and all we prefer the deep litter method. There are always different ways to go about things.

Find what works best for you!

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