Growing Butterfly & Bee Gardens

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Pink flowers with a butterfly resting on them

Having butterflies in your garden is a beautiful sight.

Did you know there are certain flowers that butterflies prefer?

This year I’ve planted tons of butterfly friendly flowers and let me tell you, I’ve had so many butterflies in my garden lately and I love it!

Our local hummingbird is loving it too.

As a birthday present my husband even went and bought me a bunch of bulbs to plant for Perennial flowers that are strictly to attract butterflies or hummingbirds.

Just imagine sitting on your deck and watching tons of butterflies hanging out in your garden. Sounds amazing right?

What Flowers Do Butterflies & Bees Love?

There are quite a few different flowers that tend to attract butterflies and bees and are super pretty!

Personally I have a lot of these currently growing in my flower gardens and they’re gorgeous!


Pink flex growing near the ground

Phlox tends to stay lower to the ground and comes in colors such as pink, white, and purple.

It is very pretty while blooming and they are available in a Perennial!


Gorgeous lantana with Dark pink, light pink, and yellow blossom

A beautiful annual shrub to plant in your garden. It can resist heat and it is available in different colors.

Pot Marigolds

Pot marigolds with a butterfly eating at the top

Pot Marigolds grow quickly and bloom for about 2 months.

They are eye catching and bright!

Blazing Star

Blazing star flowers growing in a mound

So pretty when they bloom!

I have purple ones growing in different areas of my garden and they are gorgeous and bloom for a long time.

They are a Perennial and ideal to have in a butterfly garden.


English lavender growing in a field

I rave about lavender time and time again but it has so many uses and butterflies and bees love them!

Butterfly Weed

Orange butterfly weed

A beautiful Perennial that bees and butterflies love.

It is drought resistant and a type of milk weed.

Such beautiful blossoms.

Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate cosmo blossom

This flower gives out dark maroon blossoms and guess what?

They are chocolate scented!


Purple aster blossoms growing in a bunch

A beautiful Perennial flower that comes in many different colors.

Asters also can be grown in a hanging planter so they don’t take over an entire area.

Sea Holly

Metallic purple looking sea holly

Sea Holly is a very unique looking flower.

It is drought resistant and butterflies can’t help but be attracted to it.


Bright sunflowers growing in a field

Sunflowers….my all time favorite flower ever!

Easy to grow and gorgeous to look at.

Both bees and butterflies love them.


Golden rod with a bee on top collecting pollen

With bright colored blooms this is a great Perennial to add to your garden that bees and butterflies flock to.

Joe-Pye Weed

Pink Joe Pye Weed with a butterfly resting on it

One of the late bloomer flowers.

Helps bring tons of butterflies and eye catching beauty to your garden even in the late season.


Pink penta flower blossoms

A shrub type flower that grows very tall.

Butterflies and hummingbirds love them.

Cardinal Flower

Dark red cardinal flowers with a black background

Such a gorgeous addition to a garden.

With its dark red blooms.

It is also a great addition to your shade garden since it doesn’t like direct sunlight.

Butterflies and hummingbirds love it.


Pink allium blossom

Alliums are members of the onion family.

You can plant them in the fall so they will bloom in the spring.


Pink and yellow sedum flower blossoms with a bee collecting pollen

A great addition to any garden, even a rock garden.

It is a drought resistant flower and will bloom all year.


White hollyhocks with pink centers growing next to a rock wall

Beautiful large blooms in a variety of colors.

They make an amazing addition to any garden and attract both bees and butterflies.


Purple salvia blossoms

Typically comes in purple or white.

I have a couple of them that are more blue tinted purple and they are so pretty and just keep blooming!

Butterflies and hummingbirds love them.


Purplish blue Agapanthus blossoms

Summer bloomers.

These stand tall and are such a beautiful purple/blue color


Purple floss flower blossoms

Super easy to grow and is from the Aster family.

It will bloom in mid summer to fall.

They do love some shade.

Swamp Milkweed

Pink swamp milkweed with a bee collecting pollen

Monarch butterflies love this flower.

It is the only food for monarch caterpillars.

Bees also love this flower.


Dark Purple heliotrope blossom

A bushy type flower plant that gives off huge purple flowers

Black Eyed Susan

Gorgeous black eye Susans

A natural wildflower of the north.

It is one of the first ones that was sold as a domesticated flower for gardens.

Its bright colors will add to any garden.


Beautiful purple, red, and white coneflowers growing in a meadow

Such a beautiful flower.

It attracts bees and butterflies.

I’m anxiously waiting for mine to bloom to see what color they are!

They weren’t specifically marked at my local greenhouse. SO excited!

Growing Your Gorgeous Garden Can Help Bees and Butterflies

For more information on how to save the bees and what you can do to help them specifically, check out our save the bees article.

Butterfly gardens are something people pay money to go see. You can have your own beautiful one in your backyard.

So look at you saving money! You have your own butterfly garden to watch everyday for free!

Also, with growing all of these wonderful flowers and attracting bees and butterflies you are also feeding them. I’m sure they will appreciate all the extra food.

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