Top 4 Best Egg Laying Breeds

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Owning and raising chickens is a fun, enriching, and beneficial thing to do.

They can be very loving and provide you with an egg a day!

There are so many reasons to own them and you can read about that here.

One thing many don’t realize though is that different types of chickens having different laying capabilities.

Such as some chickens do not lay in the winter months.

What? Yes, some chickens will stop producing eggs in the winter time. If you depend on eggs all year you will NEED a top egg layer for your flock.

Whether you’re a beginner or a season chicken raiser this guide is a great read!

If you are new to raising chickens I tend to write a lot of articles about them, but even if you like book reading there is a wonderful lady I followed a lot when I first started raising chickens and her information helped a lot!

You can check out her book here.

But what are the best laying breeds? We will discuss that!

1. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island red chicken grazing around the yard

These chickens will lay almost every day and even through the winter months.

Also they are good for meat and eggs.

Brown Egg Layers

2. Leghorns

Leghorn chicken hanging out in the yard

Italian chickens!

Theses gorgeous babies originally came from Italy. Their feathers look so sleek and beautiful.

Another chicken who will lay almost every day of the year and into the winter months.

White egg layers

3. Sussex

White Sussex hen with black feathers around the neck

These hens are also good for meat or eggs.

Their feathers can be many different colors so your Sussex clan can vary instead of them all looking the same.

Good layers throughout the year and winter.

Lay either white or brown eggs and shades in between.

4. Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock) hen amongst other hens

Lay every other day even in the winter months.

Beautiful coloring.

Brown egg layers.

Feeding and Caring for Chickens is Easy

It is incredibly easy to take care of chickens and you can always make money by selling eggs, or if you decide to get a Rooster you can also incubate fertilized eggs so you can sell baby chicks.

Hatching and selling baby chicks can actually be an extremely profitable venture. If you need to make extra money on your farm or homestead, it may be something you should consider.

Typically you can sell a chick for $1-2 as a baby.

Selling full grown chickens of course you can charge a lot more since they’re already producing eggs.

Bored Chickens?

Want to learn how to make treats and toys for your chickens? Read about it here!

Yes, like any animal or person, chickens can get bored. Bored chickens tend to get themselves in trouble, just like a child.

Need to Save Money on Feed Costs?

Chicken feed is also quite inexpensive for the most part since a 50 lb bag is usually under $20.

Running out of feed is never fun. It can happen though and you don’t want to be rushing to try to make something for them till you can get to the feed store again.

There are also ways to make your own feed which I cover in an article here.

Good Egg Layers are a Must If You Plan to Make Money Off of Them

If you are wanting to produce eggs all year in order to make an income or even hatch chicks year round it is important to get good layers who lay for most of the year.

An egg incubator that turns the eggs for you is quite helpful so you don’t have to remember to turn them yourself.

Those that are busy with other animals and such can benefit.

As I had discussed, there can be a lot of income to be made just in selling baby chicks.

Lessons learned when choosing chickens:

I realized myself the first time I raised chickens that I unintentionally got chickens who completely stopped laying in the winter time.

Necessarily, I told my husband it was his fault for deciding too late that yes I could come home with baby chicks after me begging him for weeks. All they had left were Easter Eggers by that time.

Jokingly I told the chickens that they were free loaders in the winter months! Haha

Fresh eggs are seriously the BEST.

Also, knowing that you’re raising the chickens that produced them also make them taste even better.

Plus as I said chickens can be so sweet and are fun to raise.

They’re like little feathery outdoor pets, or as I call them “Feather babies”.

My favorite thing to state is NO EGG RECALLS. You don’t have to worry about egg recalls when YOU are raising the chickens that lay the eggs.

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