The Top Guide for Gardening With Kids-How to Teach Them

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Where do kids learn stuff that is important in life? From us of course!

We are their go to source on anything they need to know and the answerer of their questions.

Also, they are the ones that will carry on traditions and also carry on simple tasks that many should do.

Gardening is very important especially for the fact that it is how food is grown.

The best part of it all is that they can have fun doing it!

My kids love to help me in the garden whether it’s my flower beds or my large vegetable garden. Our son gets extremely excited when food is ready to pick.

But where do you start?

Teach Kids WHY Gardening is Important

Personally, either before beginning or while gardening I always feel it is VERY important to teach kids WHY we should garden.

Kids always tend to want to know WHY we are doing an activity. Especially if they’re in that oh so fun why stage haha.

Of course one of the biggest reasons to teach them is the fact that it is how fruits and vegetables are grown.

Someone has to plant and water them for them to grow, and then someone has to pick them. They do not magically just appear. We all know many times kids seem to think things are just there.

I also teach my kids how healthy gardening is for you. It’s an added benefit to the whole teaching process to let them know how it is good for their own health.

The same is with all the pretty flower beds they see along houses, businesses, and restaurants. Someone had to plant those flowers and think of how to plant them to make it look nice.

Teaching Kids About Garden Tools

When gardening of course you need tools. Even a watering can is a type of gardening tool.

**Most hand tools for gardens can be safely used by kids, when they are taught to use them correctly.

Garden Tools-The Basics:

A pruner should ONLY be used by a kid under adult supervision or WITH the adult helping the whole time.

Kids can be taught about what each tool does in the garden. You can make it fun either teaching them before or while you are using them.

For the kids who are hands-on learners, gardening can be great for them since the entire thing is a hands-on activity.

Toddler watering flowers in the Garden

Make a Plan!

Planning out the garden with your kids can be a lot of fun for them.

It is very important that they learn WHERE a garden should be.

Typically, for vegetable gardens you want them in a sunny location where also it does not flood.

Have the kids roam around the yard during the day and determine what spot gets a lot of sun during the day.

After a location is chosen, ask your kids WHAT they think you should plant.

Ask if you should only plant their favorite vegetables, or all kinds of vegetables? The sky is the limit. A vegetable garden is very personal since it’s typically what YOU like to eat.

Knowing what you are going to plant and how much will also help you determine on how big your garden will need to be.

Once this decision is made then you can pick out, or go buy the seeds you will need.

Kids Helping Get the Garden Ready

The tools you need are ready, and you’ve decided what you want to plant.

Now it’s time to get the garden ready.

If you are using raised garden beds, you will need to build them or install them if you have purchased some. Raised beds are great but not everyone decides to use them.

Traditional gardens will need to be tilled or plowed and disced depending on the size and if you have a tractor or not. If it is a smaller garden then a normal tiller will work just fine. This step a kid CANNOT help with since it is dangerous.

Once the garden is tilled then the kids can start helping again.

Planting Time for Kids

Now that the garden is ready to go it is planting time.

Depending on the type of vegetable or even flowers of course depends where it needs to be planted and spaced.

For instance: corn is planted in rows and squash is planted in mounds.

When planting rows it is great to use a gardening hoe to make a line in the soil. After the rows are in then the kids can start putting in the seeds and covering them up.

Same with mounds, once they are made then the kids can put in the seeds and cover them up.

Let them know how important it is to space things properly so they get adequate sunlight and do not smother each other. Common gardening mistakes happen, but you can teach them how to avoid them.

Once all the seeds are in the garden and covered up then comes watering.

Watering is my kids favorite activity out of the whole planting process besides putting in the seeds.

Give the kids a can and let them know to water the seeds really good.

Too easy.

Small child playing with gardening tools outside

Garden Maintenance

Kids can easily help maintain the garden.

Keeping weeds out is extremely important.

Weeds can smother your plants and it is very good to teach your children that.

Plus, weeding is an extremely easy task. Make it a game “like see who can pick the most weeds” or “sing a song while you pull weeds”.

Smaller kids especially are easily entertained so things like singing while you do a task can make it a fun thing.

Overgrown gardens are no fun, but they can be fixed. It can be an important teaching point of why it should be avoided but how they can fix the issue if it happens.

Besides pulling weeds, daily or every other day watering is a MUST. Kids can easily help with watering the garden. Even while doing this task you can teach them HOW IMPORTANT it is that the garden gets enough water.


Harvesting time is my sons absolute favorite.

He will search and search the garden for things that are ready to pick.

Teach them when something should be picked and when it shouldn’t as you are going through looking for vegetables to harvest.

Kids will feel great about getting to pull a vegetable that THEY grew. It’s an exciting feeling.

You can instill the love of gardening in your children just by teaching them how to do it.

It can be a fantastic skill to pass down to your kids and it also helps the skill stay alive.

Gardening can be so much fun and it’s also needed of course for fresh fruits and vegetables.

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