The Top Fall Gardening Ideas To Make Your Garden Great

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Jack O' Lantern Smiling Pumpkins next to a basket of Fall gourds, Sunflowers, and Fall Leaves

Fall Is Almost Here!

Fall is literally right around the corner! Are you looking to do Fall gardening this year?

The season change of course is set for next month but there are already signs that it is on its way.

In my area and even my grandparents up north, some of our trees are already beginning to want to change colors.

This is incredibly exciting to me since it is my favorite time of year.

Temperatures are cooler, the leaves are gorgeous, and Halloween is my favorite.

Did you know that you can still enjoy gardening in the Fall?

Whether it’s prepping for next years garden or spicing up your garden for fall. You can do it now.

What Gardening Can Be Done?

Of course you are thinking what can I do?

There are actually quite a few things that can be done in the Fall.

Falling leaves and raking of course is always at the top of our list of things to be done.

Leaves can be beneficial though. You can read about what to do with them here.

Rake and leaves against a tree in the fall

Learning From This Years Garden

One big thing that can be done is to learn from your recent Summer garden.

Personally I know that I have to adjust my soil since half of the plants here did not even make it.

It is also not a helpful fact that the ground and soil here is so compact and there are tons of rocks on the mountain.

Next year we will be converting to raised garden beds to make sure we have a fantastic season.

Also, I need to build a fence around my squash and tomatoes haha I’ve barely gotten anything from those plants since the deer and the woodchuck got ahold of them before they had a chance to get ripe.

Learn what plants did not work and how to improve them.

Even look at your Perennial and Annual flowers you planted and see what did and did not work.

Looking at all of these things can help you plan for a better garden next year. Not every gardening season is a great one. It happens.

Certain plants do not do well planted next to each other. Knowing this can help make for a better growing season.

We all know in life you learn from your mistakes. Life gives you lessons. The same thing can come from a garden. You learn what works best.

Fall Gardening Switch Out

In the Fall you can switch out your Summer Annuals for things like Mums.

Mums are of course one of the most popular flowers you will see around in the Fall.

Annuals can also be replaced with grass or ornamental Kale.

There is still time to plant some late Summer vegetables. Find out what you can plant here.

Time to decorate?

Fall decorating is my favorite!

Spruce up your patio, or the entrance to your garden with Fall decor.

Soon enough you will be able to buy dried cornstalks, gourds, and even if you would like, hay bales.

Cornstalks can be tied to the posts on your porch, mailbox, and fences. You can never go wrong with cornstalks in the Fall.

Orange and White fall gourds

Pumpkins and Gourds can be strategically placed near the edge of flower beds, and on your patio and porch. Square bales are always a nice touch to add.

Save Money on Your Landscaping Needs

This time of year there are many shrubs and trees that go on sale this time of year.

Many people do not think about landscaping in the Fall.

Take advantage of the discounted prices to improve next years landscape.

It is still warm enough in the soil for trees and shrubs to thrive before Winter hits.

Once you have what you would like, get to planting!

Do make sure until the really cold weather hits you keep your new shrubs and trees watered so they stay hydrated.

Store Easily Breakable Gardening Pots

Depending on the types of planter pots you use, they may be prone to breaking in colder temperatures.

If you are using things such as ceramic or Terra Cotta Pots, you will want to clean them up and bring them in before Winter.

Very cold temperatures can cause them to crack and break.

Plants that you will be keeping in their pots that do not like the cold you will want to bring them indoors once cold weather hits.

Banana trees have always been a favorite of ours to grow. Even though they can survive through a Winter, we have always brought them indoors.

Succulents that you may keep outdoors will also need to be brought in.

Help Bees and Wildlife

Up until the real Fall temperatures hit you will still have bees and various summer wildlife around.

Keep certain Perennials such as coneflowers, sunflowers, anything with seeds until last minute.

These plants can still be great sources of food for wildlife before they hide out for the Winter.

Once these creatures hide away for the cold months you can cut back these Perennials.

Enjoy Your Patio and Gardening Spaces as Long as Possible

Just because Fall has hit doesn’t mean you have to abandon your patio and garden areas.

Build a fire pit, or if you can not put one in the ground there are great options to buy.

There are also options without the mess of logs and ash.

Enjoy your backyard space relaxing by the fire and toasting marshmallows with the kids or even make S’mores.

Warming bonfire

Fall is a Great Time Outdoors

Whether you are doing some late gardening, enjoying bonfires, hay rides, pumpkin patches, or corn mazes there’s a lot of fun to be had outdoors.

The cooler temperatures brings tons of fun for you and your family without having to sweat so much in the blazing heat.

Our family loves Fall activities.

Cooler temperatures makes it much easier to enjoy the outdoors.

Explore a new hiking trail, go apple picking, the list goes on and on.

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