How To Get Ready For Deer Season: Beginners Edition

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White tail buck
White Tail Buck

If you are like our family, you are excited and looking forward to deer season.

Fall is about to hit and most states begin deer season in late September or in early October.

A big portion of our family’s diet is deer and fish. Of course we love chicken as well.

Personally I mainly enjoy deer steaks or chili, but my husband and the kids also love the jerky and salami that we make.

Depending on your situation will depend on whether you are hunting state land, leased land, or your own property.

For those that own their own property, it can be helpful since you can create food plots prior to the season.

Every state and sometimes even the county will have different laws.

Check yearly for the hunting laws since they can vary year to year. This will let you know how many buck tags you can have, how many does you can get, and what days you can or cannot hunt.

Food Plots

There are food plots that you can plant such as clover. And there are things such as feeders you can put in different spots with deer corn or acorns. The third option is a salt lick.


Deer love clover!

These plots you can do in your hunting area or close to it.

Deer clover

Clover plot seeds are not expensive and typically will be good to grow for about 5 years. That’s pretty easy only having to plant it every 5 years.

Seeds are available here in and option for a .5 acre plot or 2.25 acre plot.

Food plots like clover do not need to be removed prior to deer season.

Deer Corn

Deer corn

Corn can be put out for deer.

Deer corn can be bought in very large bags. Bags range in size and weights.

Typically you can find it just as deer corn or a mixture of corn, salt, molasses, and grains.

How you choose to put out the corn is based on what you want to do.

The options are to either put some out on the ground every few days or to put the corn in a feeder.

Feeders come in different types:

Salt Lick

Salt licks or blocks are extremely easy.

Set it and forget it.

There are different salt lick options.

Just salt, or mineral blocks with salt.


Deer acorns

If you have Oak trees growing in your hunting area you’re good to go on this.

Deer love acorns!

Not everyone has Oak trees though, luckily you can buy acorns to put out for deer.

We luckily have a few Oak trees around and the acorns start falling in the midst of deer season.


Red delicious apple wet with dew in the Fall

Deer adore apples!

There are many apple trees on our property.

Hopefully you are lucky as well to have them growing, but if not you can put apples out for deer.

****Always check your state laws as to when the food in those baiting areas need to be removed

For our state, you have to remove bait piles two weeks before the season starts.

Also, there are states that are starting to outlaw baiting so check your state before putting out things such as corn and such.

Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are an excellent tool.

We start putting ours out a few months before the season.

It is great to watch and see what kind of deer you have coming around, if any at all.

Our kids love seeing the pictures, even though technically we can watch them all from the house each evening.

Cameras are also good to watch for poachers in your area or people hunting in your areas that are not allowed to be.

You want a camera that is waterproof, has night vision, and has a good picture quality.

Deciding on just pictures or video as well is a personal choice.

Typically we just have it set to take pictures but once in awhile we have it take videos too.

There are many different options for cameras. Individual cameras or sets.

Necessarily you do not have to spend a lot of money on a game camera to get a bunch of great pictures.

All of our cameras were less than $60 each and work fantastically.

Deer in the winter

Important Deer Information

The more nutrients and minerals deer eat, the bigger they can get.

Especially if you are out for that wall mounter, the more minerals, the bigger the rack and points.

We have two mounts, each 8 points, from two different states.

Our goal is to get a bigger mounter this year, hopefully.

Even with doe, you want them to be somewhat plump, that’s more meat right?

**Never kill just to kill, hunting is supposed to be for bringing meat to the table, for survival. Hunt to feed yourself and your family, not just to kill something.

There are many people who hunt just to kill something, and many people hunt just for the antlers. It’s a waste.

When we take a deer, we get as much meat as possible off of it.

Unfortunately we see too many people that just kill a deer for the back straps and waste the rest of the deer. It’s horrid.

Deer fawn
Deer fawn

Another big issue and topic is fawns.

It is illegal to hunt and kill a fawn. The problem is many people do it anyways.

Baby deer need to grow to be able to keep the blood line going, grown deer mean more deer right?

There are important issues to look for in deer. Sicknesses affect wildlife. Check your area to see if there are any reported issues with:

Both of these sicknesses are taking over certain areas of white tailed deer.

If a deer is infected, the meat is not safe to eat.

Deer Season is Great!

All in all, getting ready for hunting season can be a fun and exciting thing.

Besides getting food plots ready and bringing in the deer, of course make sure you are getting your crossbows and rifles sighted in and ready as well.

It’s best to do it before the seasons so you are completely ready to go.

Start getting your gear and clothes around.

The hubby had recently bought some new clothes for the warmer months at the beginning.

Of course I already sewed up one of his ripped hats and his bag he uses to hold drinks while out hunting.

Prepping ahead of time makes it to where you’re not in a rush last minute to get everything together.

Doe in the woods

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      I didn’t grow up around hunting and my family weren’t the outdoors type. We lived in the country but it just wasn’t stuff they did. I’m very different from them and especially since meeting my husband years ago we love the outdoors. He hunts, I just eat the meat haha. We love being an outdoors family.

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