Tree Stand Safety Awareness- How to Be Safe This Hunting Season

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Stand alone hunting stand in the middle of a field
Stand alone hunting stand

September is Tree Stand Safety Awareness Month.

Tree stand safety is one of the most important aspects of hunting.

Of course, we all know the actual hunting and getting your deer, turkey, bear, etc. is absolutely important, but your safety is very important too.

Especially for those that need this meat for their family to survive off of in the winter time.

Meat cannot be brought back to your family, if you do not make it home alive.

Let’s look at the hunting statistics….

There are Hunting Related Deaths Every Year

ThoughtCo states:

“Particularly dangerous are fall from tree stands. Recent estimates say that there are almost 6,000 hunting accidents to hunters each year involving falls from tree stands—six times as many as are wounded by firearms.”

Lin, D. (2019, August 7). How Many People Are Accidentally Shot by Hunters Each Year? Retrieved September 27, 2019, from

Tree stand deaths completely outnumber deaths resulting from firearms in the hunting setting.

These numbers are a huge wake up call as to why tree stand safety is absolutely a vital importance when hunting.

How to Be Safe While Hunting in a Tree Stand

The big question is do you know tree stand safety?

Hunters Orange

First and foremost, no matter where you are hunting, state land or private property, hunters orange is an absolute MUST!

Most firearm hunting deaths are a result of not being seen.

You do NOT want someone thinking that you are a deer. This is where the orange comes in to play.

Orange is very bright and can help another hunter distinguish you from an animal.

All states require orange safety vests, or also the hats as well.

Muzzle Awareness

Concerning rifle, or muzzle loader season this topic is VERY important.

With us being a veteran family, me and my husband both served, and one of the biggest weapon safety aspects that was shoved at us constantly was Muzzle Awareness.

Always, know what direction your muzzle is pointed at, and WHO it is pointed at.

Only YOU are responsible for where your weapon is pointed and what your bullet or arrow hits.

Constantly, you see on the news that people are dying from accidentally being killed from an accidental discharge of a weapon that was pointed at them, not on purpose.

Muzzle down! A phrase I heard all the time when at the range.

Importantly, it is a known fact that if your weapon is pointed at the ground, while walking around or even sitting, there is no risk of someone accidentally getting shot.

While you are climbing your stand, make sure to NOT load your rifle, muzzleloader, or even your crossbow until you are in your tree stand.

By waiting to load your weapon of choice, you can reduce your risk of accidental discharge while climbing.

Elevated shoot house, hunting stand.

Tree Stand Safety Tips

Always use your safety harness, and your safety strap when you are using a tree stand.

Make sure you hook them up before your feet leave the ground.

There are different choices for your safety gear:

By making sure that you are safely hooked up to the tree and stand, can help reduce injury in the event that you fall while climbing.

Safety harness and strap features also help reduce the risk of death if you were to fall out of your stand for any reason.

Most hunting deaths when using a tree stand were a result of not using the correct safety features.

Not being connected to the tree or stand results in nothing being able to stop you from falling from the stand to the ground, or to your death.

Elevated tree stand in the winter time.

Getting ready for deer season is important. Read our article on how to get ready for the season here.

Knowing exactly how to be safe and having the required safety gear can help ensure that you are not one of the 6,000.

Absolutely no one wants to lost their loved one while they are out hunting, especially to a situation that was preventable.

Children who are just learning to hunt should be taught these safety tips from the beginning.

All parents want their child to be safe. Knowing these tips can start them off right, and teach them how to be safe while hunting.

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