The Best Tips to Get Your Flower Beds Ready For Spring

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Spring is approaching fast. Especially in a lot of the southern states that never really got a Winter this year. The temperatures have risen faster which means that everything is has been starting to bloom already.

Even if things haven’t fully started to warm up and start to poke through, you still have the time to get your flower beds ready.

Every year calls for cleaning and prepping your beds for the Spring season.

What are the first steps you should take?

Read on to find out!

What to do First?

One of the absolute first steps that needs to be taken is to simply clear and clean your flower beds.

  • Getting rid of all of the debris, your over wintering protection, and dead perennial leaves can make a huge difference.

A clean bed is a great start to your growing season.

  • You will want to check for any winter damage to your beds, trees, and shrubs.

Prune any dead branches or twigs, it will help your trees and shrubs to grow well once everything really starts going.

Once your beds are cleared and any apparent issues are resolved you are ready for the next steps.

Kick Your Spring Beds off with a Great Base

If you are in one of the colder areas and your plants have not started to bloom yet you still have time to get those Perennials separated.

Many Perennial flowers grow more bulbs during the season which means more flowers.

Too many flowers in one area can cause a lot of issues.

Not enough sunlight and fighting for nutrients can cause half of the plant to not grow correctly.

Fertilize those beds!

Fertilizing your beds early can provide nutrients that your plants need to get the best start.

As many know, soil composition has a huge effect on how well your plants grow and thrive.

If you are new to gardening we have a great article for beginners.

What Flowers are Great for Putting in Now!

Certain flowers that are in season right now are things like Tulips and Hyacinths.

Since we’re in a warmer climate my Hyancinth has been growing back for awhile now and will be blooming soon.

Tulips and Hyacinths are well wanted flowers around Spring and Easter time.

Depending on the area you live in will depend if you can start putting in flowers now or if you should wait just a bit more.

Spring time is beautiful since everything is starting to bud and grow again. Trees will no longer be bare, grass is growing, flowers are coming up. It’s a very beautiful time.

Better Homes and Gardens has a great article on Spring Flowering bulbs here.

Plan Ahead During Spring Prep

While you are in the midst of prepping your flower beds for Spring, you can also start thinking ahead about the rest of your Spring planting.

Since you are going through your beds and cleaning and prepping them you can get in your mind what you may want to plant once the frosts are gone.

You can even start thinking ahead for what you may plant in your garden later in the season.

There is a great article about planning your garden here.

It is never too early to start planning ahead.

As a little side note, Spring is the PERFECT time for Morel mushroom hunting. Once temperatures start warming up is when they start to pop up. We have already started finding them here.

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